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Welcome to our site

Liskom-Shpon Ltd which is the manufacturer of sliced veneer of the European quality welcomes you on our site and invites you to familiarise in detail with our manufacture and our ready product - a sliced veneer which is presented in section "Production". We propose to make the advanced order by e-mail, or to contact our Sales Department by phone or the Internet through Skype service. Our enterprise sales wide assortment of sliced veneer, different types, quality and sizes for the further application in furniture factories and other kinds of industry. Also there is a possibility to offer us raw materials for veneer manufacturing; terms of purchase of raw materials are on page "Raw materials". The requisites and address of Liskom-Shpon Ltd can be found on page “Contacts”, and if you look at our photos on page "Gallery" you can get acquainted with the history of establishment of our enterprise. The equipment which is used on our manufacture allows producing good-quality sliced veneer in 0.6 – 1.5 mm thick. Raw materials processing, as a rule, is carried out under the scheme co-ordinated with the customer, cutting and sorting of ready sliced veneer occurs according to buyers’ requirements. The firm also provides services in manufacturing sliced veneer from raw materials of the customer.


Company news

16.03.2012. The firm is interested in realisation, at the special price favourable to buyers and partners,  beech sliced veneer of 0.6 mm thick, furniture sizes, quality АВ, door and panel sizes, quality B, C in volume about 1,000,000 м2, and also sliced veneer from ash-tree with a core - about 150,000 м2.


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